Raise Your Profile With a Music Video

Reach a wider audience by promoting your songs with a music video from BOOMING in Jacksonville, Florida. We also offer albums by local artists such as Duuuval and D2, as well as studio time for budding young artists.

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Music Videos

Promote your new song with a compelling music video. We can shoot it on location or in the studio with a 7D Canon camera. Prices range from $250 to $400. We typically charge $300 on location and an additional $50 per hour for studio time, and we can provide promotional material for your video as well. Having a music video allows you to work with the record label and reach a broader audience. 

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Music CDs

Our albums speak different languages to tell stories through the eyes of people and their struggles. We offer CDs from BOOMING artists. These include "King Street" and "River City" by Duuuval, "Big Cat" by Cera, as well as "Bold City" by D2. These are free, but we are accepting donations. D2 is dropping a new album called "Cruse 9a" on August 12. New albums are added every month. Our most popular CD is "King Street" by Duuuval.

Studio Time

Bring your new song into the studio to turn it into a hit. This service is great for new artists trying to brand themselves. Included is tracking and mixing for only $60 per hour, and we can add mastering for an additional $80. The benefit of our service is the clarity we get using Pro Tools, which will give you the radio-ready, car stereo sound you want.